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The construction industry is changing constantly. In this new era, the green environment is an important consideration. As a construction company, you must understand how your daily activities at work and at home affect the green environment. With this knowledge you can make smart choices to reduce your impact.

By hiring LBC we can help explain why and how the things you do each day can make a difference. We can teach you how to measure your carbon footprint and how to reduce it. We can also teach you how the buildings you construct affect the green environment and how to apply the principles of a green building rating system.

The rating system is a point system established by LEED for achievement levels of bronze, silver, gold or platinum. The most efficient construction and or operation of a building will bring a higher level of LEED points for a lower carbon footprint impact on the environment. With LBC being a green advantage certified contractor it is our job to help you achieve your green goals and a lower impact on our fragile environment.

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